Total Lock-ups
--.-- ZFI
--.-- %
stake ZFI, earn ZFI


Total Lock-ups
--.-- ZFI
--.-- %
stake ZFI, earn ZFI
Pool v2

Justswap ZFI-TRX LP

Total Lock-ups
--.-- ZFI-TRX
--.-- %
stake ZFI/TRX LP Token, earn ZFI

Frequently Asked Questions

Zebra DeFi(ZFI) is a decentralized Yield Farming Optimizer with Referral rewards based on TRON Network.
No ICO, no pre-mining, no founder tokens, and 100% decentralization. 100% of the private sale amount will be used in the JustSwap for holding the price. We hope to use ZFI to promote the vigorous development and possibilities of TRON's DeFi self-governance community.

tep 1- Open our website( zfi.one ) in your TRX wallet.
tep 2- Choose one of the mining pools and open.
tep 3- Register with 100 TRX, and Active, then you can STAKE.
tep 4- Enter the amount of ZFI for STAKE, then click STAKE ( If you have no ZFI, buy ZFI on JustSwap fist).
tep 5- CLAIM REWARDS and UNSTAKE any time.
(1) Before UNSTAKE or STAKE, you should CLAIM REWARDS first, or you would lost it.
(2) Do not directly transfer ZFI to the mining pool address, currently we only support staking through this page.

(1) Swap ZFI in JustSwap.
(2) ZFI token address: TFHyQvBcqMeL5yq7y1dHJutzZX4YqLRzhe
ZFI will be mined in proportion to sizes of the markets. The amount of ZFI users can receive during Genesis mining is determined by their ZFI lockup amount and duration: Hourly user income = personal stake amount / Total lock-ups * amount of ZFI released per hour
For example:
-Deposit amount: 100 ZFI
-Total lock-ups : 20,000 ZFI
-Amount of ZFI released per hour: 100 ZFI
Hourly user income = 100/20,000 * 100 = 0.5 ZFI
In order to raise the price of token and reduce the amount of circulation, ZFI POOL V1.0 will apply the burning destruction mechanism to ensure the mining earnings.
-For 1-day Rewards withdrawal, 50% of that will be deducted.
-For 2-day Rewards withdrawal, 40% of that will be deducted.
-For 3-day Rewards withdrawal, 30% of that will be deducted.
-For 4-day Rewards withdrawal, 20% of that will be deducted.
-For 5-day Rewards withdrawal, 10% of that will be deducted.
-For 6-day Rewards withdrawal, 5% of that will be deducted.
For instance
(1) your 50% ZFI Rewards will be transferred to black hole address for destruction if you want to Claim it for the first day.
(2)You can Claim Rewards and UNSTAKE at any time. If you withdraw the rewards after 6 days, only burning 5% Rewards

1. Firstly, you need to register on our ZFI site(zfi.one) opened from the TRX wallet and then get your referral link.
2. For those who register via your referral link, it will make your wallet address bound by default.
(1) Get the registration reward(100TRX) of the direct address
(2) Get 15% Farming reward of the direct address
(3) Get 5% Farming reward of the indirect address

(1) You must open it in your wallet browser and refresh the page if you fail to connect.
(2) If you use a TP or imToken wallet, you will need to switch the wallet to the TRX wallet before opening the url.
(3) If the above steps do not successfully link the wallet, please change a wallet.
Click here for a detailed tutorial.
Zebra Defi is a decentralized financial application based on smart contract. It has no back end and can be used in any wallet based on TRON as long as it has the blockchain private key.
a. TronLink : Me -> advanced feature -> DApp browser -> copy and paste url
b. Imtoken: browse --> enter DApp url --> copy and past url
c. BitKeep: DApp -> enter DApp url -> copy and paste url
d. TokenPocket: browser -> enter DApp url -> copy and paste url

Q2: Failed to register?
(1) During registration, please confirm that the balance of the wallet exceeds 110 TRX; otherwise, the registration cannot be successful.
(2) It might be the wrong invitation link. Copy this link and reopen it: https://zfi.one/
Q3: 100000000ZFI displayed after authorization?
A: Don't worry. It's just A smart contract asking for authorization. It doesn't actually consume 10000000ZFI.

(1)Firstly, make sure you have more than 60TRX in your account for transferring, then refresh the page and try again. If you don't have a TRX balance, go to JustSwap and swap ZFI to buy.
(2)When requesting a signature, you have to confirm, Then stake successed.

Q1: Failed to Claim Rewards?
A. At least 60TRX in your balance. If so, refresh your page. (It could also be that the TRONnetwork is currently unstable)
Q2. No rewards after UNSTAKE?
A. The rewards must be CLAIM first, otherwise it will be lost.
Q3. No rewards after STAKE?
A. The rewards must be CLAIM first, otherwise it will be lost.
Q4. No earnings after inviting friends to invest?
(1) Only when your friend Claim rewards will it be transferred to your wallet automatically.
(2) You friends did not register with your referral link, but directly entered zfi.one according to the tutorial.
It will show in a moment because all the data is loaded through the blockchain network. If it doesn't appear for a long time, refresh the page.

Token Distribution

Total purchased : -.---- ZFI
Unlocked : -.---- ZFI
Unlock Available : -.---- ZFI
  • Private Sale(5.3496%)
  • Liquidity Pool(4.5603%)
  • Farming Yiled Reward(85%)
  • Refferal Reward(5%)